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Track #1

Lay It All Down

How This Song Came To Be

“Lay It All Down” is about laying it all down at the feet of Jesus Christ. No matter what you’re going through, no matter how bad the sin is, or how unworthy we feel, He’s always right there waiting on us, ready for us to come to Him humbly and ask for forgiveness. And He’s always faithful to heal and restore us.

I know all of you can see how crazy things have got in this world lately, and I’m sure many of you have a lot of stress and anxiety because of it. Most have probably run to drugs, alcohol, or sex to try to run away from what you’re feeling. But that is not the answer, as I’m sure you have already found out. Those things will just take us further into bondage, and further away from God.

Right now is the time when we need to be as close to Him as we possibly can, and that means laying our sin down at the alter, and coming to Him in repentance. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, so don’t believe the devil’s lies telling you that you can’t do it. Now is the time to be living in holiness, we must resist the flesh and be led by the spirit. I pray this song will strengthen, encourage, and edify you to do just that.

We must seek the Lord now while He may still be found, before its too late. I assure you that day will come, and we don’t wanna be left behind.

So please lay whatever is holding you back down at the feet of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and get right with Him today.. God bless us all during these end days, as we are in the final hour. And may you find your strength in the Lord!

Rap & Sing Along

(Hook x2)
Lay it all down
I lay it all down at your feet
I lay it all down

(Verse 1)
I lay it all down, give you my all now
With me through the sunny days, you’re with me through the storm now
It’s time to fall down, might have to crawl now
To bring it to the feet of the Lord right where it belongs now
Those who were lost now, Hold On To The Cross now
By God’s grace you’ll get control over your thoughts now
Get out the fog now, move out the dog pound
Stand in your Authority cuz you’re a child of God now
Defeat them demons where you were weak you are strong now
When we were children we did childish things but we’re grown now
Done with certain people and certain things we moving on now
They were only for a season leave them right where they belong now
It’s time for brighter days, we gots to find a way
It’s time to dedicate our life to Christ in every way
I’m talking everyday, no more games no delay
I’m talking throne of grace, on my knees it’s time to pray

(Hook x2)
Lay it all down
I lay it all down at your feet
I lay it all down

(Verse 2)
It’s been so hard for me, honestly this flesh a part of me
Constantly keeps on taunting me, thoughts they just keep bombarding me
Lost in this constantly evolving modern-day technology
Lost with every hypothesis all hyperbole probably
Ain’t no need for a psychologist when it comes to psychology
And there ain’t no need for a neurologist when it comes to neurology
I may not be the smartest and I ain’t got me no doctor’s degree
But my heart belongs to God guaranteed He can heal every artery
No matter what part of me, even though I know some may not agree
I’m the clay He’s the Potter going to shake me just like some pottery
Everyday renews my mind didn’t even need a lobotomy
I just get on my knees repent and I pray to Him constantly
All the souls the devil stole I swear it’s like highway robbery
But as long as God is with me I know that there ain’t no stopping me
Diagnosis psychosis if you reject what he’s offering
So I lay it all down and I give my life to you properly

(Hook x2)
Lay it all down
I lay it all down at your feet
I lay it all down

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