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Track #13


How This Song Came To Be

This is a song about how unfortunately common sense really ain’t that common… Especially nowadays when everyone is so opinionated with social media being what it is, you would hope people would actually know or understand what they’re talking about, but unfortunately that’s not the case, and even when people find out their wrong, they’re so invested into their opinion that they won’t even admit it!

Rap & Sing Along

(Verse #1 – Viewpoint)
Pitiful people,
Couldn’t tell you what 2 + 2 equal
Thinking they smart but they as crazy as Evel Knievel
Make an agreement, with the devil, there’s nothing more lethal
Like getting injected, with an infected, hypodermic needle
Trying to warn em, but they get angry, and say they don’t need you
The demons inside em, keep em blinded, so they can’t receive you
Just go to Jesus, and that demon, will have to release you
Jesus Christ will open your eyes, help you Fly Like an Eagle
It’s such a mystery
Been passed down through history
First you must believe, if you want a true delivery
When Christ, says He is the Life, He means literally
It’s Christ, ain’t with you when you die, it’s pure misery
I tried to warn em, but most of em just ignore me
Telling me the Bible, is just a fictional story
If the Holy Spirit leads you, then it’s self-explanatory
That’s why belief, in Jesus Christ, is simply mandatory

(Chorus x2 – Viewpoint)
No common sense
No common sense
No common sense
Common sense really ain’t that common

(Verse #2 – Mr. Deep Positivity)
The whole world suffering
No bufferen could comfort them
They’re dumb within
They run to sin… some to gin… or drugs to get em numb again
They’re fumbling and crumbling their love is dim
Handcuffed to whims
Stumbling should come to Him
Who died and shed his blood for them… to trust in him is common sense… commence to find
my God the King
Acknowledge him and bow to him and then your soul is prospering
See my God is a life guard
He’ll resurrect you right now
Get your Christ on so your light’s on
And he’ll bless though ya life’s hard
The fight’s on like the UFC
Demons seeking you and me
We’re needing Jesus truthfully
See he’s the key so you are free
If you can’t see your in the dark
Blind in binds up in your heart
Finding Christ can pick the lock
And give your life a lift and spark
Sin sickness got the world on lock
Guys and girls are hurt a lot
Only Christ can cure the flock
He’s God can save the world at large
Don’t be senseless
You’re defenseless
Turning rotten he’s the dentist
Give em entrance in your senses
So your sentence is suspended
Just let this common sense get you perfected

(Chorus x2 – Viewpoint)
No common sense
No common sense
No common sense
Common sense really ain’t that common

(Verse #3 – Nojo)
They got scales on their eyes
There’s a veil that divides
Have their feeling, from their reason, they compart-mentalize
Cuz the heart’s telling lies
In the dark-ness they’re blind
They don’t see the distinction, between the smart and the wise
Even PhD students
are really being so foolish
Believe the truth is subjective
People extremely clueless
The news is misleading, and social medias using
All of this tweeting and YouTube, seems to just lead to confusion
Because the Sheep are influenced
By trends that seem to be coolest
The youth are polluted
By what they hear in their music
You can’t follow Jesus, and be in Heathenish Buddhist
Every system of belief empirically is exclusive
They think they’re being inclusive
Say every path leads to God
That He’s just an idea
like that’s a fact but it’s not
Acting like life is an accident
That it’s random come on
They don’t think for themselves
They only tagging along

(Chorus x4 – Viewpoint)
No common sense
No common sense
No common sense
Common sense really ain’t that common

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