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Track #16

Every Eye

How This Song Came To Be

This is a song about the return of Jesus Christ! And how every eye will see Him on that glorious day!! In Revelation 1:7 It is written “Behold, He cometh with the clouds; and every eye shall see Him” For those of us who believe it will be a great day! But for those who do not, it will be a terrible day! That’s why in Joel 2:31 it says “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great, and terrible day of the Lord” That day has not yet come, but it could at any minute! So make sure your heart is right with God while you still can!

Rap & Sing Along

(Chorus x2)
Every eye will see Christ coming back in the clouds

(Verse 1)
Every eye will see
What a time it be
Christ is returning, the Messiah, right beside of me
Christ shine your light on me
Let him see, how bright I be
Killing the enemy, never a threat to me
don’t even have a right to breathe
Demons better hide from me
Gonna be a sight to see
Gonna go get em, we gonna be winning
whenever they messin with Christ and me
Fine you wanna fight with me
Wanna see what I can be
We getting ready to get rid of the evil that you’re trying to be

(Chorus x4)
Every eye will see Christ coming back in the clouds

(Verse 2)
What if I die tonight
What kind of life did I
Live, was I willing to give, whatever I did, it’s gonna be finalized
How many need to apologize
Cause they made they mama cry
Or kids, or maybe your sis, whatever it is, just let the drama die
It’s poisonous like it’s cyanide
It will lead you dramatized
Need to forgive em, so you’ll be done with it
and get it out of your mind tonight
Too many people get idolized
They see through blinded eyes
People they need to get rid of the images
Blow it up like dynamite

(Chorus x4)
Every eye will see Christ coming back in the clouds

(Verse 3)
What if it happened tonight
What if we all see Christ
Every girl and guy, every single eye, had Him in sight
I wonder if it will be bright
Be blinded by the Light
Scared for your life, cause tonight, we pay the price
It’s not if we’re wrong or right
It’s if we belong to Christ
He is the Life, with no Life, then deaths the price
How many are rolling the dice
Without even thinking twice
Putting their faith in themselves, they thinking that they lived a good life

(Chorus x4)
Every eye will see Christ coming back in the clouds

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