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Track #18

The End Is Near

How This Song Came To Be

If you can’t see that we’re living in the end times, then I strongly urge you to wake up! We are not only in the final days here on this earth, we are in the final hours! This is the last call to get right with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It truly is now or never!!

Rap & Sing Along

(Chorus x4 – Kym Rox)
Can’t you see that the end is coming
Can’t you see that it’s almost here

(Verse 1 – Viewpoint)
End times upon us
It’s gon be just like He taught us
Thousands of years ago was written, through the Word that He brought us
I’m asking truly be honest
Can you just simply acknowledge
That He created everyone of us, and blessed us with knowledge
He’s the reason that were living
And we’re given the gifts were given
He’s the reason I’m still kicking
Without Jesus life was different
And that’s why I’m on a mission
Trying to reach the ones who listen
You know that that’s forbidden
Still you do it for a living
It’s time to wake up
Cause I ain’t your judge
I’m just a messenger He sent, that’s trying to show you His love
It’s time to break up
With the violence and drugs
And all the sex cause of depression trying to cover it up
My God Is Bigger Than Life
There’s nothing bigger than Christ
Whatever it is don’t think twice
It’s time to take it to Christ
The one who paid for your price
The one who gave up His life
The one who gave you this advice
The one who brings eternal life

(Chorus x4 – Kym Rox)
Can’t you see that the end is coming
Can’t you see that it’s almost here

(Verse 2 – Preach)
Blow the trumpet in Zion
Prepare for the arrival
My viewpoint is clarity
This endtime Elijah
My eyes on eternity the deadline is final
And if u ain’t know, man the deadline is fire
The day of the Lord comin He’ll be treadin out the wine press
If u still on the milk then this gon be hard 2 digest
Bring meat for repentance, can’t be seated on the fences
It’s a war goin on, u can meet us in the trenches
Cant be beatin round the bushes time 2 send em the real
Before the credits roll man we at the end of the reel
Like the cardboard sign read, the end is near
Check the book of Revelation the illustrations is clear
I got my soldiers in back a me
my pastor he backin me
Time 2 trash all ur bags of weed, u on the path to catastrophe
Jesus Christ is my master, I bow down 2 His majesty
If u see what I see comin, I’d tone down that profanity

(Chorus x4 – Kym Rox)
Can’t you see that the end is coming
Can’t you see that it’s almost here

(Verse 3 – Rare Breed)
Let me enter your dark side, and give you some light
Don’t be quick to be enticed
Without a fight, you owe it to Christ
I call Him the big homie
He put it all on the line
Like you could have sworn, He knew you and me
He had a spirit that over rode His heart that paid the ultimate ticket
Jeremiah taught human hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked
Can we revelate, and adhere to signs, communicate to discover, what’s divine
I pray to God like Daniel did
Pray prophecy includes saving my kids
How can we soften the truth, why should we soften the truth
We in trouble and in denial and trying to soften is proof
Brands and markings been controlling humanity
If I don’t do my portion in society, how can I obtain my inner peace, which serves as my sanity
Righteous will catch the rapture
Tribulation for those thereafter
We all, will someday, answer to the Master

(Chorus x4 – Kym Rox)
Can’t you see that the end is coming
Can’t you see that it’s almost here

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