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Track #2

Open Your Eyes

How This Song Came To Be

In Matthew 13:15 it says “The hearts of these people are hardened, and their ears cannot hear, and their eyes are closed, so they cannot see” For many years of my life I didn’t understand this verse, but now I see… God has placed a God-shaped hole, right in the center of our hearts. Many of us try to fill this hole with drugs, alcohol, sex, money, pride, or power. (All the lusts of the flesh.)

By doing this, we have become dependent on the false high that these things provide, and are now chemically addicted to these false idols, so our bodies stop producing the chemicals that they should naturally be making, and are instead depending on the dopamine provided from the addiction…

If we do not fill this hole (that only God can fill) with Him and His Holy Spirit, then we will continue to be missing something in our lives, and continue searching in all the wrong places to find it. And we will continue making the same mistakes we’ve always made…

That’s why He says “their eyes are closed” because they are blinded by their fleshly desires! And they can only see in the natural, physical world. Not in the spiritual, they have not yet been spiritually awakened, and are still asleep…

If you want to finally find the peace, and fulfillment in your life that you’ve never found… If you’re ready to finally awaken from your lifelong slumber… Then Turn to God! And He will Open Your Eyes!

Rap & Sing Along

(Intro Hook)
Open your eyes
I can hear Him say
Open your eyes
I can hear Him say
Open your eyes
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Let your kingdom come
Let your will be done
I hope it has begun

(Verse 1)
Too many people asleep, they keep dreaming
Livin’ but they don’t realize this life’s meaning
Every day they only worried bout competing
But the only way to truly be better is through Jesus
Locked like a centipede, constantly follow the enemy
Dropped on your head will be better than hell for eternity
Not gon stop no you’re never getting rid of me
Until you listen to the message that God has given me

Open your eyes
I can hear Him say
Open your eyes
I can hear Him say
Open your eyes
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

(Verse 2)
Take a dive in the middle of the deep Zone
With God with me life is like a cheat code
I be burying demons just like a free throw
Put em in a place where they ain’t got no zip code
Imma stomp on em, I aint ever tip toed
I be taking on these Demons by the shipload
They be thinking that they really pretty slick though
you ain’t getting me to following the yellow brick road

I know where it leads
You gon’ try to steal the light that shines in me
But you never will cuz Christ resides in me
Yes His Holy Spirit shines His light indeed
Every ear will hear and every eye will see
What they’re trying to find if Christ is who they seek
They will know His mind and they shall have His peace
You’re one of a kind, you are a masterpiece
Those who seek will find Him

(Verse 3)
You’ll find him in the middle, not a riddle, really pretty simple, He’ll be in the center of your life
Doesn’t want to be the second, fiddle wants your time, mind if I give a little advice
It’s official like a referee’s whistle, nothing artificial when you’re born again through Christ
It’s available to any individual, come get the residual, Christ paid your price
I just wonder why they even believe these things
Nothing in this life really is what it seem to be
They just getting caught up in the scenery
Many in your life ain’t who you believe they be
They there cuz the enemy needs em to be
Trying to keep you from where you needed to be
Open your eyes and you’ll be able to see
Only with Christ can you be who he made you to be

Open your eyes
I can hear Him say
Open your eyes
I can hear Him say
Open your eyes
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Don’t give me that false idol
Need to get in that that Bible
Need to understand it’s vital
It’s the key to your survival

(Outtro x2)
Let your kingdom come
Let your will be done
In every single one
I hope it has begun

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